Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sumdac Cleaning co. Now in Technicolor.

I need to start practicing airbrush and painterly styles again, but cel shading continues to call me.

ALSO, totally not in love with the way her right hand turned out.

Friday, June 27, 2008



I need to remember to travel with my camera more often from now on. Not that this particular photo is traveling of any sort, it's my front porch.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sweet Rides 01.

I started taking snapshots of my desk area earlier this year to use for Paperchild purposes. But those take time and I wanted a quicker method of putting characters into photographs. So I starting drawing crude doodles of Migglie onto them, interacting with stuff from my room.

Thankfully now their much better, and I'm getting more used to appropriate posing and just enough shadow to make the drawings work with the photos more convincingly. There will be a lot more as I buy new Transformers: Animated figures, among other things. I find it more interesting than just static photos of whatever new shiny thing I've just purchased.

Monday, June 23, 2008


I wish I could say this was the first time I've drawn Migglie in her underwear, but it's not. I got a request from John, and some of the other guys, sorta. At this point I'm just pandering to Migglie fans. But I've got moe' loli drawing skills so I might as well use them, it's useful! For...something.....POSSIBLY...

Here's the first, I'm a bad person.Very, very bad.

Sumdac cleaning company.

I've resisted doing lots of adorable Sari fanart until recently, I deserve a cookie. Sari is immensely cute and likeable, unlike most of the preceding human allies in Transformers fandom. I'm thankful that TFA Daniel didn't reprise his role as Autobot human mascot, and instead exists as a cleverly annoying G1 homage.

Come hither, you like totally won't be slowly devoured.

It's shocking that a drew a monster that isn't of the Pocket variety. I love all types of monsters, mostly from Norse and Greek mythos, and the types that commonly show up in JRPG'S. So naturally I'm a fan of Nagas, I'm reluctant to draw them since there's such a huge wank fanbase of Naga art that somewhat ruins the fun of drawing them.