Sunday, August 03, 2008

TWEWY Prints

2 Miniprints and 1 regular size, I felt these were the best of the WEWY stuff I made for Otakon. I've been making about 3 prints for each con I attend for about a year, any more and they start to become rushed looking and sucky.

TWEWY Scraps.

These were originally part of my World Ends with You print set, but I ended up getting nitpicky about them and I decided to leave them out. I don't feel their strong enough right now and I'm undecided as to how to improve them.

The one with the ice cream and statue of Hachiko were more complicated ideas I had in my head that needed to be scaled down and compromised for the sake of print deadlines. So I'm not satisfied with them and not including them. Joshua came out kinda weak for a mini, so he gets scrapped too.