Thursday, July 24, 2008

More photos n'stuf.

The last 2 photoscrawls that'll be added to my con portfolio this year. I'm making a very concious effort to try not to repeat myself with these and make each one unique.

And Migglie dressed in one of Cuilan's outfits for Robbie. I'm gonna have to remember to alter this design a little bit so's I can include it in her future wardrobe.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

DKD 13-15

Last of the bunch. It was around the time that I finished these that I lost my sheet of notes and scripts, thankfully they turned up after some much needed Summa'time cleaning. So it'll resume after Otakon in batches of 3 once a week-ish, hopefully. The next two just need cleanup and text.

DKD 10-12

The sad thing is I'm hardly even exaggerating at all.

DKD 7-9

It's around this point that I start using less torso shots and more full body shots and landscapes. This comic was first for pencil practice, but now shifts to pose and action practice. Go, Dee!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

DKD 4-6

Mmmm, whitespace.

DKD 1-3

My oddly titled Final Fantasy 11 comic really should be put here. I started it shortly after I started playing last November, as it was an epic tale of skepticism and bitterness spanning several continents of Vana'Diel. I still have quite a bit of resentment for MMO's in general, Deetrix represents that well.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Robotic dinosaurs are excellent pets and babysitters.

I didn't intend to buy an Animated:Grimlock for at least another month, but I tumbled my way into a new job so I decided to reward myself a little. I'm planning on having 6-8 of these types of pics to mix into my con portfolio for show. I think I've taken close to 150 photos all over NYC over the past 3 weeks so I have lots of photo-fodder to play with.


I'm on my second play-through of The world ends with you. Partially for the fun of going through such an entertaining game again in new game+ mode, and partially to give myself ideas for a print set for Otakon. It's still pretty popular so I'm speculating about it selling well, we'll see in a few weeks how it goes. I'm going to make these pretty shiny by the time I'm done with them. Phones' and Stalker are also lots of fun to draw.