Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Piece Jolly Roger set 1-5

Made for Katsucon 2009. A 9 piece set that combines into one!


Lots of Sari Sumdac, both versions partying down with her dad and Soundwave. And some implied naughtiness with Professor Princess.

Wind Wakin'.

LOZ Wind Waker art for Katsucon last year. Link, Tetra/Zelda (Zetra?), and the Legendary Aryll.

Migglie comic sketches.

To help Migglie's story move along faster I started adding bonus art of her doing things that she'd normally just write about underneath an LJ cut to help flesh out an entry. Most were made up on the fly, and some of them I ended up liking more than I thought I would.

Also; Bonus Older! Migglie sketches.

Sketch Requests #6-10.

6. Nia, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
7. Naked Migglie, she can't catch a break.
8. Kagami punching Tsukasa from Lucky Star, and MY ABSOLUTE favorite to work on of the 10 requests.
9. The inner Tingle of Nna's mind.
10. Wiggly McWiggleforth, Ace Attorney.

I took 20 right after this, which has yet to be completed! Go me!

Last year's Sketch Requests #1-5.

I put up an open request thread on my Livejournal a ways back. The first 10 people got a request of whatever they wanted drawn by me.

The first 5 were;
1. Something Steampunkish
2. Transformers:Animated Megatron and Soundwave on a picnic. At the time Megatron was still just a head. XD
3. Yugi, or rather, Yami in this case.
4. Fortissimas Treasure Hunters fanart.
5. Migglie's MOM in naked apron.

Final 5 next post!


I really just loved the hell out of Persona 3 and 4. They were some of the finest rpg gaming times I've ever had. So I naturally enjoy doing fanart of it. I like the P4 cast much more than the cast of P3 though. Actually, I like all of P4 better. Which says a lot since I loved the heck out of P3.


Boomer is a little project I've been reworking for a little over a year. The original idea was really clunky and flawed, but now I've got it all smoothed out. *VAGUE*

Anyways, the cold eyed Brunette is Boomer, the title character. She's precocious and somewhat evil-ish. And the happy looking one is her best friend, Avery. I'll go further into this once I have more to show.


Lot'sa things. Including Aryll from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker w/ PIGS. Migglie as a FFT style Monk, Amy Rose, Tron Bonne, a Servbot, Denise Marmalade, and a few other random bits.

Teen detectives and child Superheroes.

Velma Dinkley(s) (Dinklii?) And Word Girl? Don't know who Word Girl is? That's no surprise!


A big batch of Teen Girl Squad sketches from last summer. Got a lot to catch up on! So and So is my fave.